When it comes to the Legacy Leaders story, our clients tell it best.

“Donor Compass gave us strategic insights into our data that will help guide future approaches.”

– University of Manitoba

“It has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. Since we began the program back in August of 2010 we’ve discovered over 154 planned gifts that were already in place and we now have over 3,400 households who expressed an interest in knowing more about creating a planned gift. All of this from an original base of 17,500 households.”

– Bill Sheets, Colorado State University

“We recently partnered with Legacy Leaders to complete 2 annual/current giving phone campaigns. The service from Legacy Leaders was, as always, excellent. Gail was wonderful to work with on the Donor Compass™ part and Katelyn and Jessica provided great service when running the campaigns. We say in our office that we feel like their only client … and we were more than satisfied with the results. We are already planning another campaign next year.”

– Nicole Kitson, Calgary Health Trust

“Through Legacy Leaders and their proven bequest marketing efforts, our Foundation’s Planned Giving Program and Legacy Society grows at a much faster rate than through our traditional prospecting methods. Donors are able to complete their legacy planning with our Foundation sooner since we have identified their needs with specific timelines. Their campaigns have made it possible for us to enhance our planned giving capability for future revenues for our Hospital.”

– Michael Garron Hospital Foundation (formerly Toronto East General Hospital Foundation)

“Legacy Leaders exceeded all expectations – not only in terms of results but also in terms of how they conversed with our alumni. The Legacy Leaders callers were thoughtful, articulate and engaged with the people they called. The results speak for themselves.”

– Arizona State University

“Results of St. Michael’s Hospital’s planned giving campaign truly exceeded our expectations! Our donors’ generosity and commitment to the future of St. Michael’s Hospital are demonstrated by the success of this campaign. With the support of excellent telemarketing individuals and amazing creative consultants, we were able to develop a compelling case which will continue our planned giving efforts. We have received a number of planned and cash gifts that would not have occurred at this time without this campaign. I would highly recommend this program.”

– St Michael’s Hospital

“The feedback on the callers was very positive; in fact, there weren’t any negative comments. Of all the individuals called, 12% agreed to include us in their estate plans, which was higher than anticipated and four times what we could have achieved with our current staff resources.”

– University of Waterloo

“The callers associated with our Legacy Leaders planned giving marketing program truly became part of our team. Their care and concern for our donors, and their prompt follow up on questions, ensured that our donors were dealt with in a compassionate and respectful manner.”

– St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

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