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Should Your Nonprofit Accept NFTs?

Living in today’s modern world, has exposed us to the different ways technology has changed our lives. These changes have trickled into the investment world as well by giving us more online self-serve options for managing our financial assets. It’s never been easier to buy or sell financial assets at the push of a button. [...]

Should Your Nonprofit Accept NFTs?2022-06-27T10:11:44-04:00

Cryptocurrency 101: Accepting Crypto Donations

You’ve done your research, and decided that accepting crypto donations is right for your nonprofit. Now what? As previously mentioned in part one of our Cryptocurrency 101 series, there are many factors to consider if your nonprofit is thinking about accepting crypto donations. Some of these factors include your organization’s risk tolerance to volatile assets [...]

Cryptocurrency 101: Accepting Crypto Donations2022-05-16T16:08:03-04:00

5 Trends in Pandemic Giving

The world has spent the last few years looking for encouraging signs. The pandemic’s effect on employment, the economy, and our ability to interact has threatened the viability of charities unlike ever before. But despite the immense challenges the pandemic posed, donors proved to be resilient. Not every nonprofit succeeded, or even survived during the [...]

5 Trends in Pandemic Giving2022-05-02T15:33:31-04:00

Converting First-Time Donors into Life-Long Supporters

6 Ways To Convert A First-Time Donor Into A Life-Long Supporter Nonprofit organizations rely on donors and volunteers — this, we know, as no surprise. Once your organization has built a foundation of loyal supporters, it is important to continue bringing in both donors and volunteers to help achieve your mission. Over the last two [...]

Converting First-Time Donors into Life-Long Supporters2022-04-21T15:20:22-04:00

6 Tips for Inclusive Fundraising

What is inclusive fundraising and why is it important? For one, it’s been estimated that roughly 14% of U.S. millionaires are from minority backgrounds—yet they’re often overlooked in fundraising. While it may not be intentional, many nonprofits target “traditional” donors: those who are wealthy, white, and older. Similarly, conventional fundraising communication and events exclude donors [...]

6 Tips for Inclusive Fundraising2022-04-14T15:35:14-04:00

Cryptocurrency 101: What is Crypto?

Since the pandemic began in 2020, we’ve seen a significant shift in using technology for convenience, including the way money is exchanged. Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming more widely accepted as a method of payment. As more wealth continues to be created through cryptocurrency, crypto donations in the nonprofit sector are steadily increasing. Is your nonprofit [...]

Cryptocurrency 101: What is Crypto?2022-06-24T15:02:23-04:00

5 Successful Spring Fundraising Ideas

There has always been something about spring that makes people feel excited. This season of growth and renewal seems to wake all the happy hormones from their slumber during the cold winter season. Most people feel eager to start ventures and discover new passions. And as for nonprofits, this season is the perfect time to [...]

5 Successful Spring Fundraising Ideas2022-04-13T14:07:54-04:00

Connecting with Baby Boomer Donors 

How well do you know your Baby Boomer donors?   One of the most important aspects of fundraising is interacting with your donors. You want your donors to resonate with your mission, while inspiring them to donate. But first, you need to know the best way to connect with your donors.  As of 2020, the biggest [...]

Connecting with Baby Boomer Donors 2022-03-11T10:43:55-05:00

Finding Your Pot of Gold: 4 Tips for Receiving Major Gifts

This St. Patrick’s Day, you will need more than a lucky four-leaf clover to secure major gifts for your organization. Finding your pot of gold requires a comprehensive strategy. First you need to identify potential major gift donors, and then you need to build a strong relationship with them. Now that the pandemic seems to [...]

Finding Your Pot of Gold: 4 Tips for Receiving Major Gifts2022-03-11T12:14:39-05:00
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