5 Reasons to Avoid a Donor Wealth Screening

If you have worked for or with nonprofit organizations, you most likely know how important it is to have a deep understanding of donors when planning a fundraising program. One method of gaining better donor insights is by conducting a donor wealth screening. However, this process doesn’t always provide accurate data for targeting donors. To [...]

5 Reasons to Avoid a Donor Wealth Screening2021-08-12T10:12:53-04:00

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors

Studies show that first-time donors who receive a thank-you within 48 hours are four times more likely to donate again. There is nearly a 400% chance of them becoming regular donors! Those involved in fundraising know very well that showing appreciation for your donors is more than just a thank you, but it is also [...]

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors2021-07-22T12:09:35-04:00

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors

Nonprofit fundraising isn’t just about asking individuals and groups for contributions to your organization. To be successful, it requires careful planning and effective strategies. One key element in planning your campaigns is knowing your donors. The more you know about them, the better you can understand how they can support your mission. Here are 7 [...]

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors2021-08-10T15:52:31-04:00

4 Ways to Thank Your Donors

Complete the cycle of giving by thanking your donors. Thank them promptly, so that they know you have received their gift, and let them know how you will use it to further your advocacies. Showing your appreciation fosters a good relationship between your donors and your organization. Most organizations send tokens or gifts to everyone [...]

4 Ways to Thank Your Donors2021-06-25T16:26:57-04:00

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors

In our increasingly virtual world, we have more capabilities for connectivity than ever before. Thanks to the tools available, we can share information with our donors in several engaging ways and find immediate resonance. Tell a story. The best way to move people is to tell them a story that pulls at their heartstrings. Give [...]

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors2021-07-02T09:57:47-04:00

How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors

Why do donors lapse? In the 2001 study, “Managing Donor Defection”, Dr. Adrian Sargeant surveyed lapsed donors of 10 national nonprofits to ask them one simple question: “Why did you stop giving?” Aside from death and financial difficulties, the study found the following reasons for why donors stop supporting nonprofit organizations: 5% thought the charity [...]

How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors2021-07-02T10:02:16-04:00

How the Pandemic is Impacting Philanthropy

The disruption caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented. Millions of people have lost their lives and livelihoods. Challenges to food security, public health, and employment have hurt economies worldwide. Governments, organizations, and individuals have come together to combat the global pandemic, but there is still a lot to do before things get back to normal. Now [...]

How the Pandemic is Impacting Philanthropy2021-06-16T14:15:33-04:00

4 Stages of Donor Relationship Management

As leaders in donor relationship management, you understand the benefits of a strong donor strategy. Not only can the engagement of an existing donor database lead to greater ROI in comparison to new donor acquisition, but a strong strategy can also work to enhance the overall reputation of your organization.   Donor retention is an essential part of helping organizations reach fundraising goals and ultimately fulfill their [...]

4 Stages of Donor Relationship Management2021-07-23T15:37:50-04:00

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution

It may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual fundraising a new necessity. However, channeling contributions online has been an efficient and effective way to raise funds over the past decade. Charitable organizations have been accepting digital donations for years, even before the world went virtual. According to the 2016 Charitable Giving Report by [...]

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution2021-06-02T15:10:20-04:00

Tactics to Modernize Donor Outreach

The world is evolving. One can hope that amidst all of the change, we will see global advancement. As things are shifting, we can opt to see the positive in these times. It allows for new creative donor outreach opportunities with current and potential supporters. Thriving in the face of a challenge is the best [...]

Tactics to Modernize Donor Outreach2021-06-07T11:56:21-04:00
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