A Legacy Leaders direct response planned giving campaign will produce large numbers of planned gift commitments in a short period of time.

Our Donor Relationship Specialists will engage in conversations with your donors/supporters, and during the dialogues, they will identify the individuals in your donor base that have an interest in potentially making a planned gift (typically 20% to 30% of those contacted). With the benefit of this information, your organization will be able to plan and direct appropriate resources, whether in-house or by partnering with Legacy Leaders, to work with these qualified planned giving prospects toward formalizing their gifts.

Additionally, and potentially more important to your organization, our Donor Relationship Specialists will converse with hundreds (or thousands) of your donors/supporters about planned giving. These conversations are relationship focused and will build donor/supporter loyalty even with those donors who do not want to engage in a conversation about planned giving.

Last but not least, many institutions have found that their current giving increases from all donors that Legacy Leaders talks to. In fact, a recent analysis showed that one of our clients experienced a 62.6% increase in current giving in the five years after Legacy Leaders ran a planned giving program for them.