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What types of nonprofits has Legacy Leaders worked with?2017-02-16T06:50:38-05:00

We have worked with over 200 different nonprofit organizations during our 21+ years and they pretty much run the full gambit including clients specializing in the following areas: Animals & Environment; Arts & Culture; Health; Post-Secondary Education; Children’s Hospitals; Hospitals, Hospices & Long Term Care; Religious Outreach; Social Service. To learn more please click below:

What differentiates Legacy Leaders from other direct response fundraising vendors?2020-02-25T11:55:35-05:00

Legacy Leaders has more than 25 years of experience working in fundraising and donor database analysis for the non-profit sector and was the first company to introduce direct response planned giving programs. We are also the only vendor that:

  • Executes Relationship focused annual/current giving and planned giving fundraising

  • Is the only company in North America that specializes in planned giving
  • Offers planned giving donor cultivation/stewardship programs
  • Developed a Proprietary planned giving coding structure
  • Is the only fundraising services company that offers comprehensive 4 year planned giving programs
  • Conducts Focus groups
  • Provides Guaranteed results
How does relationship building improve fundraising campaigns?2017-02-16T07:19:34-05:00

The relationship between a donor/supporter and a nonprofit is a lot like the relationship between individual persons. The more your partner, friend or associate demonstrates their commitment to you, what interests you and what’s good for you, the more you grow to appreciate, trust and invest in them. By learning more about what motivates your donors/supporters and demonstrating that you recognize and are working with them to achieve their unique philanthropic goals, the more they will believe in your commitment to them. This, in turn, will enhance their commitment to the goals, objectives and future of your organization. It’s all about building positive, mutually rewarding relationships.

How can I find out more about your Donor Compass Database Analysis?2017-02-16T07:22:01-05:00

A member of our Legacy Leaders Business Development team would be more than happy to complete an online presentation that explains what Donor Compass™ does, how it works and how it can help you optimize your fundraising. To connect with a member of our Business Development team click on the button.

What is the difference between Donor Compass™ and the database analysis services provided by other vendors?2020-02-28T15:50:02-05:00
  • Behavioral Analysis vs Extrapolation: Donor Compass™ is our proprietary database analysis tool that identifies the donors in your database based on propensity to give, and not extrapolated from wealth screen metrics.
    • Traditional database analysis is typically driven by wealth measurements, philanthropic involvement with charitable institutions, demographic profiling, donor generosity or donor surveys. These approaches fail to capture the factors that really matter when trying to offer predictive modeling. That is: What is the propensity of a donor to provide a relationship gift as evidenced by their behavior towards your institution?
  • As such Donor Compass™ is the only tool in the fundraising industry that provides analysis based on donor’s actual past giving behavior with your organization.
    • Donor Compass™ is driven by millions of data points that link donor behavior to how they will respond to a conversation about a relationship gift. That linkage is analyzed for your own donors and their relationship to your institution against a database of similar institutions compiled over Legacy Leaders 25 years of talking to donors about relationship giving.
  • The only database analysis tool that enables guaranteed projections.
    • Legacy is the only data analysis service provider offers projections that we hold ourselves accountable to deliver on. Try asking another provider to guarantee the projections from their analytics.
  • As Donor Compass™ is the only tool that provides insights into the actual giving patterns of your donors, this results in higher yield on campaign performance.
  • Donor Compass new interactive user experience
    • Dynamic data analysis with customizable reporting provides speed and flexibility. Visualize your donor information in a vibrant new easy to navigate graphic interface. Scroll through donor behavioral analytics, actual giving history, map their locations anywhere in the world via geo analysis, and build bespoke campaign databases with the click of your mouse.
  • The ROI makes sense.
    • Donor Compass™ offers best value with competitive pricing that is a fraction of the savings you will enjoy by running more targeted campaigns while your revenue climbs – often by more than 40%.
Is there a typical profile for clients who have partnered with Legacy Leaders to execute planned giving campaigns?2020-02-20T11:26:00-05:00

The simple answer to this question is – no. Legacy Leaders works hard to ensure that each planned giving project we do is custom tailored to the individual client. We have worked with over 200 unique nonprofit organizations during our 25 years and they pretty much run the full gambit. To learn more about our clients please click below:

What is the typical Return on Investment (ROI) for a Legacy Leaders planned giving campaign?2017-02-16T18:39:22-05:00

Our goal is to provide clients with campaigns that cost 5% of Net Present Value raised by the campaign.

How does running a Legacy Leaders planned giving campaign affect annual/current giving?2017-02-16T19:55:21-05:00

Many institutions have found that their current giving increases from all donors that Legacy Leaders talks to. In fact, a recent analysis showed that one of our clients experienced a 62.6% increase in current giving in the five years after Legacy Leaders ran a planned giving program for them.

Additionally, Legacy Leaders has raised major gifts for clients including a $1.1 million gift made to the University of Florida Foundation.

How would a planned giving campaign fit in with our ongoing fundraising efforts?2017-02-16T19:59:09-05:00

Legacy Leaders is firmly committed to a donor-centric approach to fundraising. We work hard to ensure that our planned giving programs mesh fluidly with each client’s marketing approach/schedule to ensure the donor experience is positive and that the maximum benefit is achieved for your organization.

We are a relatively small charity and are not sure whether we have a large enough donor base for a direct response planned giving campaign to be viable … is there a minimum size?2017-02-16T20:03:44-05:00

Legacy Leaders has run highly successful planned giving campaigns that included as many as 20,000 supporters/donors and as few as 500. To find out what we can do for you, contact us by phone at 1-877-674-3453 or send us an email.

What are the benefits of a planned giving direct response campaign?2017-02-16T06:48:09-05:00

A Legacy Leaders direct response planned giving campaign will produce large numbers of planned gift commitments in a short period of time.

Our Donor Relationship Specialists will engage in conversations with your donors/supporters, and during the dialogues, they will identify the individuals in your donor base that have an interest in potentially making a planned gift (typically 20% to 30% of those contacted). With the benefit of this information, your organization will be able to plan and direct appropriate resources, whether in-house or by partnering with Legacy Leaders, to work with these qualified planned giving prospects toward formalizing their gifts.

Additionally, and potentially more important to your organization, our Donor Relationship Specialists will converse with hundreds (or thousands) of your donors/supporters about planned giving. These conversations are relationship focused and will build donor/supporter loyalty even with those donors who do not want to engage in a conversation about planned giving.

Last but not least, many institutions have found that their current giving increases from all donors that Legacy Leaders talks to. In fact, a recent analysis showed that one of our clients experienced a 62.6% increase in current giving in the five years after Legacy Leaders ran a planned giving program for them.

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