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In an age where time is money, budgets are squeezed and the pressure to perform is high, it is more critical than ever before to ensure your donor fundraising strategy is compelling and competitive. At Legacy Leaders, we offer multiple high performing nonprofit fundraising services.

Nonprofit fundraising services include:

  • Analysis of your entire donor database and ranking your donors according to the highest propensity to give
  • Deep dive into your prospects’ actual giving behavior over time
  • Segmenting your donors by giving history, propensity to give, and geographic mapping
  • Finding the fastest, most cost-effective solution for development fund performance based on millions of actual donor behavior data points gathered over 25 years
  • Executing fundraising programs that have the power to reach your goals sooner with yields as high as up to 50% compared to those run without Donor Compass™
Graphs showing results of successful nonprofit fundraising services

Why Legacy Leaders?

Through comprehensive database analysis, we identify the right prospect groups and appropriate campaign strategies to produce the most suitable fundraising program for your organization. We then combine mail and calling components with a relationship building focus to deliver superior results. We pride ourselves on a high client satisfaction, which is attained by only recommending fundraising services that we believe will help you achieve and exceed your goals.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Services & Products

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4 Year Complete

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