Annual/current giving through relationship building

With 25 years in business and 350+ successful programs under our belts, Legacy Leaders is, easily, the most experienced provider of planned gift marketing. But that’s not all. When urged by our clients, we decided to venture into annual/current gift fundraising. We applied the same donor-centric approach that we developed for planned giving and – it turns out – our focus on strengthening relationships works equally well in the annual/current giving arena.

Relationship building for annual giving
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Service so good we feel like their only client!

“We recently partnered with Legacy Leaders to complete two annual/current giving phone campaigns. The service from Legacy Leaders was, as always, excellent. Gail was wonderful to work with on the Donor Compass™ part and Katelyn and Jessica provided great service when running the campaigns. We say in our office that we feel like their only client … and we were more than satisfied with the results. We are already planning another campaign next year.”

– Nicole Kitson, Calgary Health Trust

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How does relationship focused fundraising improve annual/current giving?

As you well know, your relationship with your donor/supporters is a lot like the relationship between two individuals; a good, lasting relationship develops when both parties commit to learning about, appreciating and supporting each other … so, the more you show your donors/supporters that you appreciate, trust and are invested in them, the more likely they are to engage with and support your organization. 

A sticky note that says: It's all about relationships

Legacy Leaders Donor Relationship Specialists (DRS’s) are the experts at building relationships. They will engage your donors/supporters, learn more about what motivates them and demonstrate that you recognize and are working with them to achieve their unique philanthropic goals. This, in turn, will enhance their commitment to the goals, objectives, and future of your organization. It’s all about building positive, mutually rewarding relationships.

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