Optimize your fundraising with the business intelligence tool that guarantees results.

Donor Compass™ provides a measurement and ranking of the propensity of a donor to provide you with a relationship gift (planned, major and capital), based on their past giving behavior with your organization. This nonprofit business intelligence tool has the power to help you reach your goals sooner. Planned Giving campaigns, for example, are proven to run at 50%+ higher yields than those run without the benefit of Donor Compass™.

How does Donor Compass™ work?

Individual donor propensity is measured and rated using 4 key behaviors and presented as a score ranging from 4 to 42.5. From there, we provide a dollar estimate of the value within your database. Based on our 25 years of experience with similar clients and your data, we also provide projections of your optimum planned giving campaign, including an estimate of positive responses to your planned giving ask and a financial forecast of both future and present revenues.

Donor analytics diagram

Donor Compass™ is unique!

Most donor analytic tools are based on wealth screening which only identifies whether an individual has the financial capacity to be generous. Donor Compass™ analyzes 4 key elements of a donor’s actual giving history to identify their personal affinity to your organization, and how likely they are to donate. When you decide to partner with Legacy Leaders to execute a Complete or Custom Planned Giving Program based on your Donor Compass™ Database Analysis, Legacy Leaders will guarantee the results.

The results speak for themselves. Donor Compass™ delivers the most comprehensive and accurate donor analytics to optimize your fundraising strategy.

6 Reasons to optimize your donor analytics with Donor Compass™

  • Our analytics are based on actual donor behavior.
    Real data is more accurate than any predictive model. We use an accumulation of 25 years of similar sets of data, generating millions of data points matched to your donor base, to pinpoint the propensity of individual donors to give.

  • We accurately predict relationship giving propensity – beyond wealth scoring.
    We prove your wealthiest donors are not necessarily your best donors. We have the unique ability to go beyond just wealth screening, analyzing 4 additional quantitative factors to help increase your yields.
  • We help you optimize development fund performance.
    We give you insight into the giving patterns of your annual donors, in addition to their major and planned giving potential. When our clients engage donors with a planned giving campaign, current giving increases by a minimum of 50%. Even when planned giving has been declined, current giving has increased by 68%.
  • We turn data into instantly actionable knowledge.
    We provide an easily understood development file for use by all staff, a recommended call list, a customized PowerPoint file for internal use, a data file to update your donor base, and a presentation for stakeholders.

  • The ROI makes sense.
    Donor Compass™ is priced far below other donor analytics programs and this represents a fraction of the savings you will enjoy by running more targeted campaigns while your revenue climbs – often by more than 40%.

  • Donor Compass™ is a “live” system, constantly being tested by campaigns.
    Donor Compass™ is based on observed live donor behavior in actual campaigns in your industry vertical. It therefore analyzes and makes assumptions in real time according to how donors actually behave, as opposed to how we think they will behave.

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