The low-cost solution for identifying existing and potential planned gifts

Our planned giving survey is powered by 27 years of relationship-first planned giving experience. We have spoken to over 300,000 donors in the past 7 years, so we know how they think and what they want from the nonprofits they support. We have strategically designed our planned giving survey to increase completion rates, deepen the relationship with your donors, and efficiently extract vital information. Unlike other surveys, we don’t waste time with obvious questions and our surveys can be completed in under 3 minutes. That’s faster than you can finish your morning coffee.

40% of planned giving donors surveyed learned about planned giving from a nonprofit organization.

Charitable Giving Statistics for 2022 by Nonprofit Pro

We intentionally designed this survey to be a low-cost, low-effort product so that we can provide your organization with key insights from your donors. We understand that you may not always have the time and resources to implement a full planned giving program, but that shouldn’t mean that you cannot continue the planned giving conversation with your donors. Our planned giving survey is a key touch point in the planned giving journey, without bogging down your team or budget.

One Stop Shop: We Manage All Steps

As part of our commitment to providing easy to implement fundraising solutions, we do all of the backend work for you. We conduct data hygiene and verify your donors’ email addresses to ensure that your bounce rate is low and your inbox deliverability is high. We craft a customizable email template with a tracked survey link, while distributing the survey at optimal times to increase open rates. After the survey is completed, we compile the data and package it in an easy to use dashboard.

No spreadsheets or pivot tables. Just charts, graphs, and actionable knowledge.

Benefits of a Planned Giving Survey

  • Learn why your donors choose to support you
  • Uncover supporters’ pre-existing commitment
  • Identify which donors segments are most receptive to your mission
  • Identify donors who are interested, but uninformed about planned giving
  • Strengthen your donor relationships and give your donors a voice
Planned Giving Survey Word Cloud

The above are samples from a planned giving survey report. Your results are segmented by age and affinity.


We will recommend questions for your organization, but as a fully customizable product, you can supply the questions and we will format the survey for optimal performance.

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