Lessons learned from millions of telephone conversations

Legacy Leaders’ Background

  • More than 20 years of experience asking for Planned Gifts by telephone
  • Experience across the US and Canada
  • Planned and Current gift acquisition across all industries and verticals
  • Our campaigns rarely net less than 20% positive responses
  • Our best campaigns hit a 40% positive response rate

What are the primary market segments for Planned Gifts?

  • High Net Worth (traditional)
  • Mass Market

How do you get to the Mass Market?

  • TV advertisements
  • Print Marketing
  • E-Communications
  • Telephone

What is wrong with traditional telemarketing methods?

  • Don’t resonate well with your target customers
  • Fails to engage high-end and mass market clientele
  • Poorly communicate the goals and personality of the organization
  • Lack of enthusiasm in calls and marketing materials
  • Many people find these methods irritating

Legacy Leaders provides Telephone-Based Relationship Building, NOT Telemarketing.

Must Haves for a Successful Relationship Building Campaign:

  • Data Analytics: The Right List
  • A Great Call Management System
  • A Proven Coding System
  • Interleaved Mail/Phone Process
  • Donor Relationship Specialists (callers) who can connect with your clients
  • Engaging, Relationship Building Conversations

The Legacy Leaders Plan for Mass Market Planned Gift Fundraising Starts with Donor Compass™!

  • Giving Overview
  • Gift Designation/ Gift Fund
  • Donor Attributes
  • Age Information (if available)

Key Factors Affecting Planned Gift Propensity:

Yield Potential Identified by Donor Compass™ Database Analysis:

  • Significant Opportunity Identified
  • $28.7 Million Future Value
  • $9.2 Million Net Present Value
  • Guarantee 1279 Positive Responses (on complete and custom campaigns)
  • Higher Average Bequest Values are Probable
  • Immediately Actionable Programs
  • Accelerates development revenue in all areas

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