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The 7 Stages of Moves Management

As a professional in the nonprofit sector, you will come across donors at various stages in their giving journey. Some donors may have already given to your organization, while others might have given to organizations with similar missions. These donors would, as a result, be more receptive to your request. On the other hand, some [...]

The 7 Stages of Moves Management2023-01-27T12:00:31-05:00

Virtual Conferences: How to Make the Most of Them

When the COVID-19 outbreak struck the globe in 2020, organizations had to navigate unprecedented times by staying connected. In-person conferences transitioned to virtual platforms, and now, as the post-pandemic world slowly returns to a sense of normalcy, some online opportunities will continue to prosper. Among these opportunities are virtual nonprofit conferences. In 2021, 91% of [...]

Virtual Conferences: How to Make the Most of Them2021-12-01T15:17:30-05:00

6 Ways to Be Confident on Camera

A great way to promote donor engagement for supporting your foundation is with nonprofit video content, specifically, thank-you videos. This type of media is becoming increasingly popular in social media, email newsletters, and websites as a means of communication. Videos are multi-accessible and offer a quick message that packs a punch. Nonprofit video content extends [...]

6 Ways to Be Confident on Camera2021-11-18T15:41:39-05:00

New Year, New Tactics: 6 Marketing Strategies For 2022

With the New Year right around the corner, many organizations are planning their marketing strategies for the year ahead. It is the ideal time of year to reflect, set the vision, and develop tactics to achieve objectives. This past year has required many pivots, including a renewed focus of online engagement. We expect this focus [...]

New Year, New Tactics: 6 Marketing Strategies For 20222021-11-18T14:41:09-05:00

How You Can Develop Realistic Goals for Your Nonprofit

There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the United States, and all of them have a goal to improve and empower their respective communities. They practice goal setting for nonprofits by gearing their projects, programs, and events towards making a difference, helping them achieve their organizational targets. Goals act as a roadmap for [...]

How You Can Develop Realistic Goals for Your Nonprofit2021-11-22T12:04:42-05:00

The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit End-of-Year Giving

Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and jumpstarts the end-of-year giving season. In the US, more than 30% of annual giving typically occurs during December, with 10% on the last three days of the year! Let’s take a look at why year-end giving is so popular, and how you can make the most [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit End-of-Year Giving2022-12-02T16:48:27-05:00

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors

Studies show that first-time donors who receive a thank-you within 48 hours are four times more likely to donate again. There is nearly a 400% chance of them becoming regular donors! Those involved in fundraising know very well that showing appreciation for your donors is more than just a thank you, but it is also [...]

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors2021-07-22T12:09:35-04:00

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors

Nonprofit fundraising isn’t just about asking individuals and groups for contributions to your organization. To be successful, it requires careful planning and effective strategies. One key element in planning your campaigns is knowing your donors. The more you know about them, the better you can understand how they can support your mission. Here are 7 [...]

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors2021-08-10T15:52:31-04:00

4 Ways to Thank Your Donors

Complete the cycle of giving by thanking your donors. Thank them promptly, so that they know you have received their gift, and let them know how you will use it to further your advocacies. Showing your appreciation fosters a good relationship between your donors and your organization. Most organizations send tokens or gifts to everyone [...]

4 Ways to Thank Your Donors2021-06-25T16:26:57-04:00

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors

In our increasingly virtual world, we have more capabilities for connectivity than ever before. Thanks to the tools available, we can share information with our donors in several engaging ways and find immediate resonance. Tell a story. The best way to move people is to tell them a story that pulls at their heartstrings. Give [...]

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors2021-07-02T09:57:47-04:00
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