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3 Ways Donor Analytics Can Optimize Your Fundraising

Here is what we do know: data is important for any organization. Whether you’re a nonprofit collecting donor analytics, a multinational company tracking customer behaviors, or a small business monitoring buying trends, collecting and tracking data is vital. Data helps you gain a clearer picture of your current situation, and what you can do to [...]

3 Ways Donor Analytics Can Optimize Your Fundraising2021-09-21T12:43:53-04:00

5 Signs Your Donor Portfolio Needs To Be Optimized

Donor portfolios enable nonprofit organizations to be more efficient in soliciting gifts. They provide each donor relationship manager with a specific list of donors that they are responsible for. They also help your organization use time, energy, and resources effectively. However, if not properly done, donor portfolios can lead to inefficiency and lackluster outcomes. Unbalanced [...]

5 Signs Your Donor Portfolio Needs To Be Optimized2021-09-15T16:31:52-04:00

How to Optimize Facebook for Fundraising

Social media platforms are one of the easiest ways to stay connected with friends and family, and they are an effective way to create awareness for your events. Among the growth of several other platforms, Facebook continues to remain a favorite. Nearly 58% of Americans are Facebook users, and almost 64% of these users visit the [...]

How to Optimize Facebook for Fundraising2021-08-19T13:05:49-04:00

5 Reasons to Avoid a Donor Wealth Screening

If you have worked for or with nonprofit organizations, you most likely know how important it is to have a deep understanding of donors when planning a fundraising program. One method of gaining better donor insights is by conducting a donor wealth screening. However, this process doesn’t always provide accurate data for targeting donors. To [...]

5 Reasons to Avoid a Donor Wealth Screening2021-08-12T10:12:53-04:00

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors

Studies show that first-time donors who receive a thank-you within 48 hours are four times more likely to donate again. There is nearly a 400% chance of them becoming regular donors! Those involved in fundraising know very well that showing appreciation for your donors is more than just a thank you, but it is also [...]

5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Donors2021-07-22T12:09:35-04:00

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors

Nonprofit fundraising isn’t just about asking individuals and groups for contributions to your organization. To be successful, it requires careful planning and effective strategies. One key element in planning your campaigns is knowing your donors. The more you know about them, the better you can understand how they can support your mission. Here are 7 [...]

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Donors2021-08-10T15:52:31-04:00

How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors

Why do donors lapse? In the 2001 study, “Managing Donor Defection”, Dr. Adrian Sargeant surveyed lapsed donors of 10 national nonprofits to ask them one simple question: “Why did you stop giving?” Aside from death and financial difficulties, the study found the following reasons for why donors stop supporting nonprofit organizations: 5% thought the charity [...]

How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors2021-07-02T10:02:16-04:00

4 Stages of Donor Relationship Management

As leaders in donor relationship management, you understand the benefits of a strong donor strategy. Not only can the engagement of an existing donor database lead to greater ROI in comparison to new donor acquisition, but a strong strategy can also work to enhance the overall reputation of your organization.   Donor retention is an essential part of helping organizations reach fundraising goals and ultimately fulfill their [...]

4 Stages of Donor Relationship Management2021-07-23T15:37:50-04:00

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution

It may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual fundraising a new necessity. However, channeling contributions online has been an efficient and effective way to raise funds over the past decade. Charitable organizations have been accepting digital donations for years, even before the world went virtual. According to the 2016 Charitable Giving Report by [...]

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution2021-06-02T15:10:20-04:00

How Do You Know You Are Maximizing Donations From Your Donor List?

This six-minute read can help you unlock the true potential of your donor list! Your donor database is the key to your organization’s ongoing financial health and sustained growth. But how do you know if you are optimizing your fundraising on the list you’ve worked so long to develop? How do [...]

How Do You Know You Are Maximizing Donations From Your Donor List?2021-03-11T14:04:27-05:00