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6 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Getting started on social media for your nonprofit, or even simply opening a new social channel, can be overwhelming. Setting up profiles, writing an engaging introduction, and keeping up with regular posts, stories, and tweets is nothing short of a full-time focus; however, the opportunity for growth and engagement online cannot be ignored.   55% [...]

6 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid2021-08-12T12:38:43-04:00

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors

In our increasingly virtual world, we have more capabilities for connectivity than ever before. Thanks to the tools available, we can share information with our donors in several engaging ways and find immediate resonance. Tell a story. The best way to move people is to tell them a story that pulls at their heartstrings. Give [...]

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors2021-07-02T09:57:47-04:00