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Giving Tuesday 2022: How to Increase Online Donations

During any calendar year, there are signature events and dates that provide opportunities for nonprofit organizations. Some may relate to seasonality, around the month of December and the Holiday season for example, while others may be unique to your organization. One opportunity that is shared amongst us all is Giving Tuesday, stylized online as #GivingTuesday [...]

Giving Tuesday 2022: How to Increase Online Donations2022-09-07T16:27:58-04:00

5 Fall Virtual Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit

Now that your nonprofit organization is beginning to find its footing in the virtual fundraising world, you need some new and creative ideas, especially for the fall season. Fall is a particularly giving time, as most communities celebrate a bountiful harvest by sharing a traditional feast with family and friends. Thanksgiving is a holiday that [...]

5 Fall Virtual Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit2022-08-16T13:28:10-04:00

How to Optimize Facebook for Fundraising

Social media platforms are one of the easiest ways to stay connected with friends and family, and they are an effective way to create awareness for your events. Among the growth of several other platforms, Facebook continues to remain a favorite. Nearly 58% of Americans are Facebook users, and almost 64% of these users visit the [...]

How to Optimize Facebook for Fundraising2021-08-19T13:05:49-04:00

6 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Getting started on social media for your nonprofit, or even simply opening a new social channel, can be overwhelming. Setting up profiles, writing an engaging introduction, and keeping up with regular posts, stories, and tweets is nothing short of a full-time focus; however, the opportunity for growth and engagement online cannot be ignored.   55% [...]

6 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid2021-08-12T12:38:43-04:00

Volunteer Management: Fostering an Environment of Support and Success

Volunteer management is an essential aspect of your organization. As someone who has been both a manager of volunteers and a volunteer myself, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to value them. Creating a foundation built upon respect and positive reinforcement is the key to best supporting your charity’s public engagement efforts. In [...]

Volunteer Management: Fostering an Environment of Support and Success2021-08-10T15:54:45-04:00

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors

In our increasingly virtual world, we have more capabilities for connectivity than ever before. Thanks to the tools available, we can share information with our donors in several engaging ways and find immediate resonance. Tell a story. The best way to move people is to tell them a story that pulls at their heartstrings. Give [...]

4 Unique Ways to Share Information with Donors2021-07-02T09:57:47-04:00

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution

It may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual fundraising a new necessity. However, channeling contributions online has been an efficient and effective way to raise funds over the past decade. Charitable organizations have been accepting digital donations for years, even before the world went virtual. According to the 2016 Charitable Giving Report by [...]

Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution2021-06-02T15:10:20-04:00

Donor Relationship Management in a Digital World

While this uncharted and unpredictable moment in time has posed unique challenges to nonprofit organizations, the need to serve populations and communities has only increased. In the face of this challenge, organizations are remaining resilient despite more than three-quarters of nonprofits experiencing disruption to their services. With this disruption, the focus on digital donor relationship management is more important than ever.   With challenge can come opportunity. Managing donor relationships virtually can now give organizations a unique opportunity to leverage new strategies and [...]

Donor Relationship Management in a Digital World2021-05-27T16:52:06-04:00